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Led Zeppelin 2 Robert Ludwig Vinyl Question

Today in the mail a received a 2 LP set from Germany containing both 1 and 2 
Atlantic Records AK 2/35.The labels say MFG By Atlantic with Broadway NY.In 
the run off they say made in Germany.Also on the label it reads GEMA P 
1970.Anyway, im listening to side one of LZ 2 and im it sounds spectacular 
(better than I have ever heard).So, I look in the runoff and there is the 
intials RL.On side two I think there is a RL but can't quite make it out.I 
believe this set came out as a Germany only release in 1974 but im not sure 
and whats up with the GEMA P 1970.Is anyone familiar with this pressing and 
can shed some light?Also, is it possible to have a RL on one side and not 
the other?Any comments would be appreciated.The LP itself is in NM condition 
at a resonalble cost of $32.

Thanks Scottt

PS for the record I like FBO but do not love or hate.