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Re: Facebook = FBO, Led Zeppelin groups

Not really. Initially it was mostly for students to keep in touch. But nowadays it is also a promotional tool. Lots of musicians were discovered on MySpace, and Facebook is more orientated towards writers and artists in other fields. But I like to use it for sharing my musical interests as well as books.

It is not a source of information, neither is MySpace, just a networking tool. And a very efficient one. But groups like FBO don't have much to gain on there, like I said it is not a tool for information. But it's a cool way to get to know people better and reinforce friendships, also to have a PR network.

A year ago I had no idea, but then I looked into it and decided it had some good aspects. Never judge a thing only from hearsay? Recently there was a bit of a controversy about copyrights on the material that got posted so I deleted my artgallery there. But it's still a great tool, it's up to every user to use it properly.

Dan Copenhaver a écrit :
Oh yea this Facebook Led Zeppelin place must be on the cutting edge of whats hot and whats not! Here is the first thing I see when I went there:

I don't even really know what Facebook is.. but I have heard of it... and think it is something like MySpace?