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Re: Facebook = FBO, Led Zeppelin groups

Oh yea this Facebook Led Zeppelin place must be on the cutting edge of whats hot and whats not! Here is the first thing I see when I went there:

"In all fairness to Presence and In Through the Out Door, I nominate Houses of the Holy as the worst Led Zeppelin album."

I don't even really know what Facebook is.. but I have heard of it... and think it is something like MySpace? I have never found a use for MySpace, and in fact can not find a thing on the place of any interest to me. In fact when I do a search on Google for something and see a result that has a MySpace address in it, I know not to go there as there is a 90% chance I will not even find mention of what it was I was searching for! LOL My sister says I am "MySpace Challenged". It's been an ongoing joke with us for 2 years now. One time I was looking for reviews on a show I was just at and a MySpace page came up in the results. I read every single word on the page that came up and found NOTHING at all that pertained to the concert in question. I am at peace with it now and agree with my sister that I am in fact a "MySpacely Challenged" person. And I must also be a Facebookly Challenged person too as I can not find where to look up Miss Angie either. :)

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There's an "unofficial" ledzeppelin.com Facebook group. Don't know
about any FBO groups. I quit using Facebook after the company admitted
giving personal details of users to marketing companies.


2009/2/22 Angela Ragonese <rambleonangie@xxxxxxxxx>:


I joined facebook and wanted to know if FBO has a group there I can join and also if there is a Led Zeppelin group that you would recommend. Are many of you on facebook? You can search me using Angela Ragonese, Sacramento, Ca network or angrambles@xxxxxxxxxxxx Maybe see some of you there :-)