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Re: Management III?

Sounds like more a promotions and bookings company than an artist
management one.

2009/2/11 Samuel Jones <zepplinite@xxxxxxxxx>:
> While reading through a fairly interesting interview with one of
> Elvis's drummers, I came across this...
> "...I do know for a fact that there was a group of management called
> Management III, and they had Three Dog Night, Led Zeppelin and others,
> and they were also working with Elvis."
> So I followed the hyperlink for Management III and found this
> explination at the beginning of a Jerry Weintraub interview in a small
> bio of his...
> "He formed Management III in 1965, and from a quite modest beginning
> (two partners, three clients, a small backing), became a leading
> concert promoter. With the founding of Concerts West, he was to handle
> such clients as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin,
> and the Beach Boys."
> Now I get to sound moronic and say "uhhh I thought Zep was always
> managed by Peter Grant". I've not ever heard of "Management III" and
> definately not in relation to Zep. Do I just have a big hole in my Zep
> knowledge?
> Rev. Sam
> zepplinite@xxxxxxxxx