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RE: Holy Starship Batman !

How did you actually meet her?
It's pretty cool.  I hope she has some good stories to tell.
Have you got your questions sorted out yet?

> Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 08:04:41 -0600
> Subject: Re: Holy Starship Batman !
> From: captcrunge@xxxxxxxxx
> Nech,
> Thank you sir. That's really nice to hear. The whole time I was
> talking to her,the little voice in my head was saying " Wait until the
> people at FBO hear this !!"
> And there's no battle at all. I'm just glad to contribute. It's all
> fun and for the enjoyment of the group.
> Your photos are always fantastic and you are second to none with your
> contributions to FBO.
> The next time I talk with her, I'll ask if she or Bianca would be
> interested in joining. Who knows ? Maybe Zep's advance man-Billy
> Miller could be convinced to join also !
> Shazam !