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Re: Fw: Recent RPAK interview transcript...

I think the problem with that interpretation is that Plant didn't
actually have to say yea or nay - the interviewer, Ben Jones, used
Plant's fairly recent statements (that he would not be taking part in
an LZ reunion) as a preface to his actual question which was more to
do with whether Robert can understand the high level of interest.

Quoting from the transcript, the link to which Nech posted earlier, I
would emphasize the "...its nice that you...... we can put the rumours
to bed" portion of Jones's question:

BJ: Robert, I wanted to try and avoid any mentions of these constant
Led Zeppelin rumours, but hear my question, because I think it's an
interesting play. You've got your reasons as to why there isn't going
to be the Led Zeppelin reunion with you, and its nice that you finally
sort of set that out, because then we can put the rumours to bed. But
you can understand I suppose the interest and why the public's
appetite is still so intense.

RP: I guess I… well, you know, the thing is, look at it like this, the
reason that it stopped was because we were incomplete, and we've been
incomplete now for 28 years. And no matter what you do, you have to
really guard the discretion of what you've done in the past and make
sure that you have all the reasons in the right place to be able to do
something with absolute, total conviction. I mean, if my great award
is to do this, then I don't want to do anything where we challenge
what we did in the first place by just going back and visiting it
without having a new, fresh makeover start. I mean, you only get one
shot at these things, and if they're spectacular on day one, if on day
10 they aren't so good… As Alison said, when we cut out, started to
make Raising Sand, we gave ourselves a deal about if we don't get
anything going in three days, let's just go out for lunch and say see
you later. And I think the thing about it is really, is that to visit
old ground, it's a very incredibly delicate thing to do, and the
disappointment that could be there once you commit to that and the
comparisons to something that was basically fired by youth and a
different kind of exuberance to now, its very hard to go back and meet
that head on and do it justice.

On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 6:04 PM, Katherine <katydidgood@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ok he didn't say careful ....but to me he skirted round(is that a term?)the
> yes or no definitive answer.....and i think that is great news
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>> ya know I didn't read anywhere where he said it was not happening.....
>> something bout not being complete for 28 yrs
>> its past 28 years now,  hmmmm
>> he used a lot of words like delicate and careful
>> I consider it all hopeful news
>> i'm a dreamer hahaha