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Re: Recent RPAK interview transcript...

Thanks Nech for posting the transcript and for your response.. I don't think you were being too harsh, nor do you need to worry about starting another Plant bashing thread. FBO is a Led Zeppelin mailing list, not a Robert Plant list. If he choses to de facto quit the band and then four months later presumes to speak for the band as a whole, he deserves criticism.

I didn't have the time or inclination to listen to the interview the other day but it was interesting to read it this morning after receiving a couple of the Google alerts with the latest sensationalist headlines claiming that Plant said Led Zeppelin was too old to go on tour!

As for the interview itself, as I think I wrote before, Plant reminds me of Saruman in Lord of the Rings. In the book version the white wizard is described as having power over people with his voice. Plant can do so as well, both with his voice and his words. I don't know how many interviews over the years I've read or listened to and found myself thinking the guy was brilliant afterwards only to think about it in the context of everything he's said and want to kick myself for falling for the same old con job again and again!

Look, his reasons for deciding not to tour as expressed in this interview come across as valid and the interview by itself makes you feel like this is the only logical path. It's like Percy is saying, "Hey fans, you want me to be happy, don't you? Of course you do... This thing with Alison is my reward for having worked hard for you over the years...." I'm sure some fans end up feeling angry with themselves for wanting to deprive poor old Percy of his just reward. Bollocks! Once you take his statements in the context of everything else he's said in the past couple of years about the band Led Zeppelin that reunited with a new drummer in 2007, the contradictions and lack of logic start to creep in. No, contrary to what someone wrote on the R-O forum, I'm not taking stuff he said ten years ago and claiming he's contradicting it, I'm referring to his comments over the past two years about the band that he told the Guardian UK was full of lust and maturity, power and beauty, blah, blah, blah. He didn't seem to think THAT band was incomplete, or if he did, he wasn't saying so! Or was that all a con job to sell the then just-released Raising Sand?

As you folks have pointed several times today, the "incomplete" statement can be seen a swipe at Jason and it also completely contradicts all the glowing, gushing praise Plant and the others gave Jason all through 2007 both before and after the O2 show. The picture Plant painted in those interviews leading up to the O2 was of a band very much complete, "as good as they ever were," etc. Hey, we're all allowed to change our minds and revise our opinions, but such an abrupt 180-degree shift looks dishonest to me.

I wish for once that an interviewer would have the balls to point out these contradictions to Plant and confront him head on with his own statements, especially what he told the Guardian UK, Rolling Stone and even Uncut magazine. There are simply too many contradictions. If he's so damned worried about disappointing the fans and not meeting expectations, surely he must realize that walking away from Led Zeppelin the way he did last year was sure to disappoint millions!

Frank wrote:
Wow, strong words here.
Honestly though, even though I was not there, I whole heartedly agree with Nech. It was complete! And should be again!



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You know, I did not want to start another "Plant Bashing" thread whatsoever, but dammit, after stewing about it for a bit, and seeing all the headlines googling by the past day+ I have to say it... Since when do you speak for the band? "THEY" don't want to dissapoint the fans...NO... The main disappointment fans have RObert, is you refusing to do it. Fans wouldn't be dissapointed with you crawling out there and blowing farts...it's only your bloated bloviating ego that would be dissapointed. And saying it's incomplete now...after the fact... you my friend have dissed your best friend's son to no end.

I was there Robert...it was very complete.

There...I said it.

 ceeleone2001@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Flipped it right back into Rpak, the "question"
So he is afraid to Ruin the legacy of the band, by chancing giving sub par performances, as he no longer has the "exuberance of youth" or because they are not "complete"
Whatever, take Viagra...and let it rock!
Good interview though...
 He is skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeered!!!

Christopher Leone

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