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Re: Springsteen Tickets NZC

I just checked the closest venue to me, Atlanta, and see the best
seats left are way up high and way back for 65 or 95 bucks each...I'm
thinking those expensive seats might be from scalpers?

I just saw the Eagles here in Orlando on Saturday and our tix were 100
bucks each after service fees and inconvenience charges. Horrible
seats but great show - they did everything you'd want plus at least 6
songs off the new album (that was the first time I have heard any of
the new album but I will probably go buy it because it the songs they
did were really nice.  plenty of Joe Walsh jams).  Plus some material
from each of their solo careers - Joe got 4 songs!  I was shocked and
ecstatic since he was the main reason I went in the first place.

Love em or hate em, they are one smooth act.  They were pretty funny
too - Joe and Frey especially...

The only classic Eagles tunes they didn't do that I can think of were
Tequila Sunrise and Best Of My Love...

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 4:50 PM, Steven Scholnick <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I just got an email alert about tickets for Bruce on sale. I clicked on the
>> Hershey link and was quite shocked at the prices. The cheapest seat you can
>> buy is $275 and the most expensive is $900 with lots of prices in between
>> them.
> That is really weird.  I just bought a pair for the May 18th show here in
> Pittsburgh.  They were $89 each with the total after charges being $210.
> -steve
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