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Re: NZC: Wiarton Willie Sees His Shadow

If you had to live that day over and over, and if you had to do
everything right in order to stop reliving that day, one of the things
you would have to do was inform local radio DJ Ritchie Yorke, before
he introduces the group onstage, that it was indeed NOT Led Zeppelin's
first Canadian appearance. While the band was very young, it's
earliest North American dates had included one show in Vancouver,
B.C., on Dec. 28.

But who would want to stop reliving a Led Zeppelin concert?

Steve "The Lemon"

On 2/2/09, TangerineMan <tangerineman@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I wonder if Wiarton Willie went to the Rockpile on this date in
>> 1969 when Led Zeppelin first played the Rockpile.
> Now THAT would be an interesting and welcome "Groundhog Day"
> experience. Every day you get up, and no matter what you do or don't
> do to change the course of events, that night you end up in the front
> row at a 1969 Zep performance.