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RE: On Robert....

I think the problem for Jimmy and JPJ vis-à-vis the press is that by including 
Jason in any project, other than a full blown LZ Album and/or LZ Tour, is that 
they are either intentionally or inadvertently using the cache of Led Zeppelin 
to advance their current  agenda (whatever that might be in the creative and 
musical context).

In other words, as much as I really dug watching Jason sit in on the drums at 
the 02 show doing his all to channel his dead father, he isn't as good as his 
dad by a mile and a half. And at least two of the three J's know it. Doesn't 
make him a bad person nor should it disqualify him from playing with them ever 
again but it does seem to render them guilty for trying to have it both ways. 

If Jimmy and JPJ just want to make a new record and not be accused of trying to 
capitalize on the LZ legacy, hire a different drummer. One who brings something 
unmistakably new, fresh and original to the musical dynamic. Now maybe I'm all 
wet, and maybe JP and JPJ really love the chap and just like playing with him 
because of who he is and what he represents to them on several levels. No crime 
there either and if that is the case they should tell the world to fuck off and 
just go for it. 

As for Plant, still love the stubborn bastard and have been wishing he would 
work with Jimmy ad JPJ exclusively since 1983. Ain't gonna happen. By the way, 
as booby prizes go, Plant's solo music is a pretty good one.     

Now stop fighting boys...or I am going to have to separate you by making you 
each stand in a corner! 

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I suspected this when you suggested recently that the J's project might 
be off the rails. It's indeed unfortunate if so. Although Plant is in 
some ways irreplaceable as a vocalist, I was hoping the spirit of JPJ's 
autumn 2008 remarks would carry them through (the no point in finding a 
Plant clone remark).

I still blame the press situation at least partly. Their turning the J's 
into "Led Zeppelin replacing Plant" painted the J's into a corner so 
that no matter what they do now together, it will be seen by many as a 
de-facto attempt to Led Zeppelin without Plant, as if they're tryingto 
cash in, when in fact, all they want to do is make music together. This 
is why, as I wrote yesterday, the only way out of this is either for 
Plant to relent and in fact work with them or else come out with a 
strong, CLEAR statement supporting their moving on with another 
vocalist. Percy, now is not the time for clever remarks. If you really 
are friends with Jimmy and Uncle Robert to Jason (who knows where you're 
at with JPJ), SAY SOMETHING MEANINGFUL! Drop the aging hippie shaman 
routine and help them out if you can't sing with them.

To repeat what I wrote a couple of days ago, Coverdale's comment about 
it being a heartbreaker if Jimmy isn't allowed to continue Led Zeppelin 
is very true. It really is a damned shame!

Nech wrote:
> Sad to say, but it IMO, is not Plant who seems to have a problem with moving
> on , or with the J's moving on...it is the J's, or knife in my heart, one in
> particular that's really stuck on Plant. : (
> Nech