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RE: Flacs, Ipods & Winamp

If you have the Apple firmware on your Ipod then Winamp is actually
converting the FLAC files to MP3 prior to uploading them to your Ipod. It is
a nice way to get the files to your Ipod, but they are no longer lossless

I used Rockbox about a year and a half ago and found it easy to install, but
I did not care for the interface at the time. I have been debating going
back to Rockbox, it looks like there have been a lot of improvements. Any
current Rockbox users care to comment?

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Thanks for that tip, I tried it, and you're right, it works!  One small
problem though... If you then sync your iPod to iTunes, it doesn't find
those tracks in iTunes, so it wipes them off your iPod!  Oh well, at least
it's good for a quick listen!

Steve Z

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Although it would be handy for ipods to play FLAC's and as somone
mentioned u can change the firmware and it will do it. In terms of
quality, Apple has its own lossless format for those who want the
highest possible quality on the ipod. I myself have done this on my
ipod, however, its still not comparible to a CD.



Just to chime in on this subject...anyone that owns an ipod can put flac 
files on there - with absolutely no changes to firmware. i discovered 
this quite by accident one day. i had downloaded winamp again for the 
first time in years, and never opened the "library" feature. so one day 
i opened the library option and saw that my ipod was listed (i had it 
plugged into the computer for something) so i decided to try it out. i 
made a playlist of the copenhagen 79 shows (flac files) and then drug 
the playlist to my ipod in the library view. to my amazement the 
playlist began copying over to my ipod. when it said it was finished i 
cautiously ejected the ipod and went to the playlist section - and there 
it was, copenhagen 79 in flac on my ipod! and since i have a 60 gb video 
ipod i can fit quite a few flac encoded shows on there.

i had tried a couple times with rockbox, but i wasn't able to get it 
configured properly (probably was too impatient) and gave up for the 
time being. now that i know this winamp trick is possible it really 
makes it convenient. btw, you have to get the flac plugins for winamp 
available from their site. they also have an encoder that will convert 
files into flac...

this is not to dis rockbox at all - it's great looking software, but 
sometimes people don't want to get into the nitty gritty of things...and 
to some people the word "firmware" just scares the living daylights out 
of them. :)