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Re: The aching wonder of what it was like

     Well, for me it was hearing WTLB on the radio that permanently set me
up as a Zeppelin fan.  I was 12 in 1969.  I did not have a local FM rock
station in my area so I depended on the night-time AM Top40 DJ (Briggs
Gordon, aka Uncle Briggs) to supply me with something cool to listen to
(such as Jewel Eyed Judy by Fleetwood Mac and Devil=B9s Answer by Atomic
Rooster).  I first heard WLL (LP version) on my local AM Top40 station and
couldn=B9t believe my ears!  TLS was literally scratched up to keep it from
being played on the station=B9s LZII album but other cuts were played after
7pm.  LZII was the first Zeppelin album I bought.  When I finally heard WLL
in my headphones - in stereo - well, words can=B9t describe how I felt.  Wher=
DID this band come from??  How DID they create this music??  And then, one
night, I=B9m listening to this same AM Top40 station in my headphones and WTL=
plays for the first time.  It was in mono and compressed with no dynamic
range.  I saw God!  From that moment on I was a led Zeppelin FAN!  I added
all the Zeppelin albums to my collection.  And then I discovered that
bootleg concert recordings existed.  A friend a year ahead in high school
was a serious guitar player, writer and singer and told me he had a bootleg
Zeppelin recording.  It was an album from Rubber Dubber (IIRC), and was in
mono, until WLL.  The producer panned the mono sounds from left to right
during the WLL middle section.  But he wouldn=B9t sell it to me and I didn=B9t
have a cassette deck yet so I never got a copy of it.  I=B9m sure I have that
show now, thanks to the internet.  Maybe one day I=B9ll be able to figure out
what show that was.


Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 09:53:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Steve Thomson <zeppelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: The aching wonder of what it was like

While checking something on the Hoffman music forum this morning, I
discovered a link to an excellent little thread in their archives that deal=
with first impressions of the 4th LZ album...... I know it's popular on her=
to look back at the live shows, but what about the albums? What are your
memories of those first listens, those of you were there?

I like how this guy put it:

(by Steve Hoffman forum member ZappaSG)
Yesterday I was listening to Stairway on Zep IV....I often wonder, what was
it like to be someone in 1971, putting on a pair of headphones, and droppin=
the needle down on Zep IV for the first time? What went through people's
minds when Side 1 ended, and they were left awestruck after hearing Stairwa=
for the first time? What happened at the end of Side 2, after When the Leve=
Breaks just tore their face off? Did they sit in silence, in stoned solace
of what they had just experienced. Im 26 now, and all I have is this cold
digital cd to hear, not to mention years of radio airplay. But for a brief
period in 1971 there was a vinyl magic in the air when IV was released. It
was so new, so original, so amazing. I still think very few albums match it=
perfection as an album. So, was anyone there? Can anyone fufill my aching
wonder of what that was like?=20