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Re: One year ago


The day after the concert we went to the Hard Rock Cafe.  As soon as you walk 
in, they have the drum set displayed on a riser on the wall.  I had not known 
it was there until one of the employees told me where it was after I let him 
know that we were at the show the night before. 

Sean O 

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Awesome Sean!!! 

Thanks os much for sharing those. Some great shots you got there for sure. 

Damn, I think I'm feeling it more today than yesterday... time flying. I 
guess leading up until yesterday that "anniversary" hadn't hit and it 
was all still in my mind maybe just maybe more... 

As just posted earlier...it's now past us and the clock is gonna start 
ticking away ever so much faster...at least in perspective. 

I think seeing other people's pictures really takes me back more as 
after looking through my collection so many times it has become same old 
same old ( I mean not really .. ) and seeing another set just gives it 
all a new spark. 

Thanks..that was great... And where was that drumkit set up ? I must 
have missed that!!!!