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It's a long way to London...

Having been mentioned (very kindly) by one other poster, I guess I'm
obligated to tell parts of my tale.

I got my passcode off ebay after reading about a successful attempt on
the digest.  I'm just happy that I had the opportunity.

The Friday night before, my company's office in Leesburg, VA had their
Christmas party.  Our office was invited, and we took the opportunity
to get "red-eyed before the red eye" from Dulles.  The whole surreal
scene started there.  Here was a tony DC suburb with everyone all
dressed up, and we were these two guys "slumming it" looking very out
of place with the ties and evening wear.

Not a person there wouldn't have jumped at the chance to go.

We planned to do a few other things.  I started to write some tourist
stuff, but I remembered this isn't an "American" list.  We have folks
all over the world here.

I enjoyed meeting everyone at the Pilot Inn.  Steve Z and Rob from
Zepagain.  Nech (Tappais?)  Wyatt and his fiancee (that's still a good
picture of you two) the gentleman at the next table from the UAE,
Sunilia, Dave Lewis and the TBL clan.  My friend Mike had one button
left from the '77 series at MSG, he gave it to Dave Lewis.

We've talked about it since.  We'll never have another opportunity
like that in our lifetime.  We were musing about a conversation 10
years ago after we'd seen the '98 P&P show.  Me:  "If they ever play
again, I don't care where it is, I'm going."  Mike "Sure, Jon, you get
tickets, and I'll go."

I've had Todd's copy of Clay's recording in my car since it was
available.  It took me 3 months of driving in town to take the repeat
off of GTBT.  Then, I began to listen to every note of Ramble On.
Their playing is simply fantastic.  They each can play, and they can
all play with each other.  I'm still not tired of listening to it.

Yes, there are a few other songs I would have liked to hear - Achilles
Last Stand being tops.  But what a set, and what a performance!

I hope that they do some more.  If for nothing else than the millions
of new fans in the last 28 years who have never had the chance to see
them live.

Remember this:  When interviewed on June 25th, Robert Plant flat out
denied that there were any plans to perform.  (Despite that they
sounded terrific in rehersals June 10th!)  As I reported a few days
later, JPJ was trotting out every corner of the catalogue with anyone
who would have him on whatever stage at Bonnaroo.  Ok - maybe not
Gillian Welch or Uncle Earl.  But Ben Harper (London  Attendee) Warren
Haynes (Ditto)  Didn't see ?uestlove in London, must have had other

20 days after the concert, I attended something else that no one would
have imagined back in the P&P days.  I sat through Joe Gibbs' last win
as the Coach of the Washington Redskins.  I grew up watching them
before I truly learned and understood Zeppelin.

Never thought I'd see either, least make it to both.

I think Robert had it right in April at MSG.  "You never know what's
around the corner."