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Re: Donovan & Bonzo

While you are at it, checkout: Sunshine Superman: The Journey of
Donvan.  Donvan seems like a real cool guy.  But claims Bonzo was on his
album, in addition to Page & Jones......

Here's the thing on that:

"Hurdy Gurdy Man" was released in May 1968. It was recorded in April 1968.

The Yardbirds hadn't even broken up yet. John Bonham wasn't even a glimmer in Jimmy Page's eye yet.

So if we are to believe Donovan's story, we must believe that John Bonham somehow found his way to a London recording studio independently of Jimmy Page or John Paul Jones (since they hadn't met yet, and would not officially meet for THREE MORE MONTHS) -- and that producer Mickie Most allowed this unknown drummer to sit in on the session, even though Most NEVER allowed inexperienced people to play on his sessions (and Bonham had ZERO experience as a session drummer).

And we must believe that when Bonham eventually joined Zeppelin, he never said anything to Jimmy or JPJ ("Hey, I recognize you!") and no one in Zep EVER mentioned this AMAZING COINCIDENCE in any interview from 1969-2008.

In the immortal words of Johnnie Cochran: That does not make sense.