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Re: Olympics Ceremony - Jimmy!!!!!!! (just watched it)

Paul McCartney and Elton John are played out, overdone, overexposed and too rich and out of touch to be symbols of England anymore... think about it - Jimmy and Led Zeppelin are symbolic of everything typically English - Justified and Ancient, authentic, a history shrouded in mystery and an uncommon power. Jimmy was the perfect guy for the job. I can't wait for the entire band to explode into TSRTS at the Opening in London '12...
Eddie Lombardi wrote:
Just saw it.  It was just wicked.

The arrangement was good.  Leona sang it well and Jimmy played it out.

I thought it was great.  A great time to be a Zeppelin fan IMO.  Imagine WLL 
being used for the British Olympics handover.

On other forums they mention how Paul McCartney or Elton John should have 
played but reckon they choose WLL and Jimmy because they're both cooler!!

Ah I can relax now :-)