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Re: O2 in the cans


I have read bits and opieces about certain aspects of the equiptment but not all in one place lie this. Thanks fot hte link. And yeah, I think even Ross had mentioned some of the rehearsals being filmed.

Now we gotta just wait and see what Jimmy & co end up doing with it.

And I guess after supposed Kevin Shirley working multitraks of DVD/RAH and even Southampton somehow got out, I guess someone decided to change the passwords and keys on his macs and doors. : )


zeppelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

This may have been posted before, but in case not, here's a fascinating article on all the technical stuff behind the scenes at the O2 gig, including discussions of a lot of the filming that went on as well as multitrack high-resolution audio recordings. They actually recorded all the rehearsals as well. I'm surprised some of this hasn't leaked. They definitely have some solid security.

Anyway, here's more proof of lots of stuff Jimmy has sitting in the cans if he ever gets the notion to unleash it on the world.