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Go with LP.  Your outlook will change.  I have recently gotten the '94
remasters, and while I like them (over the recently released Complete
Studio Recordings box set), I have yet to hear a release that beats
the original vinyl.  And yes, I've heard probably all the major

Though I agree, I'd also love to see MFSL Gold releases on LZ or such.
 Maybe... one day...

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 2:06 PM, scott hutchinson
<WearingandTearing@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Last week someone posted about variuos masters and remasters released over
> the years.It got me wondering if there was anything that sounded better than
> 1993 Box I own/1994 remasters.I decided to hunt down some of these
> versions.I will try and keep this brief.
> 1.The original CD from 1980's mastered by Barry Diament.I found these to be
> flat compared to 1994
> 2.The 180/200 gram LP ripped to CD using adiophile grade equipment at 24 BIT
> DVD Audio.Although more dynamic than 1980's the 1994 just seemed cystal
> clear/sharper ect to my ears.
> 3.Mothership.Seems very loud to me.Like the volume was turned up.
> 4.TSRTS CD.Excellent job here.The original was very loud and bombbastic.Took
> it down a notch.Just sounds great.
> Oddly in my searches I found a 1980's West Germany Target pressing (CD) HOTH
> that sounded amazing and probably better than 1994 version
> So what did I learn from all of this.Im sticking to 1993 Box and new
> TSRTS.By the way.Several months ago I purchased 4 Japan SHM CD Stones,The
> Who,Police to try them out.To my ears they sound exactly the same as regular
> CD.
> Would love to see Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs or a Super Audio CD treatment
> to the LZ Cat.But it most liklely will never happen.That said I am very
> content with 1994 remasters.