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Random Thought # 914

I was just thinking: There's never been even so much as a hint of any
HMMT or D&C leftovers,rehearsals,demos,alternate takes,alt mixes etc.

Maybe it's due to the fact that the first album was recorded with such
economy and brevity  .

But I would think that there has to be a recording of the band
rehearsing these gems somewhere. To hear the creation of such
groundbreaking songs would be similiar to uncovering a previously
unseen Michaelangelo sketch.

For me,a rough rehearsal,sound check or anything other than the studio
takes from  HMMT and/or D&C would be among the holiest of Holy Grails.

Certainly the band had sound checks in 68 and 69. My God! Imagine a
recording of something from the 1st American tour..tuning up...
working out time changes and improvising loose jams. The possibilities
for historical documents are breath-taking.

Contrarily,I'm astounded by the band's cohesiveness and chemistry so
early in their formation. I mean,how the hell do you have such
dynamic energy after only having been together for a few weeks or

And where is the rest of the video from Iceland 70?

I feel like a taco or some Arby's!

                                              EL Franko Del Toro