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[Fwd: Posting Troubles]

For Christie... It was hot, Then it was really wet, then it was hot again... but not that hot. And when it was hot I was swimming with my kids in a nice cool river http://members.tripod.com/Nech_Noise/pika.jpg , catching crayfish and jumping off the cliff. After all the rain the river was much higher!

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Subject: Posting Troubles
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 07:37:19 -0600
From: Christie Reimer <reimcol@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hey, Nech -

Glad you're back and I hope you were someplace *cool*, not sweltering in the
heat!  Summer's a bitch....Anyway, over the past couple of days, I've been
trying to send a post, and it doesn't get through.  Rather than trying a
third time, I'm pasting it below.  Will you see if you can get it posted to

Thank you!


More from TimP, who, instead of *resting* after CT surgery, has created a
slideshow of the "'New' White Albums" (with music).  Note he sent with this:
"They didn't turn out quite as nice as I had hoped due to limited lighting
conditions but I think you can get a flavor for how beautiful these babies
really are.  I've got to get off the dang computer as my hand and arm are
killing me...I refuse to get old..."

After the first two photos, which you've already seen, there are new images
of the entire set, laid out.  For best effect, choose "Full Screen."  You
can also change the length of screen time for each slide.

Here's the link:

A funny thing:  The music is on a loop, so it can end different places, but
the first time I watched, the fadeout last line was "You don't know what
you're missing now..."  Au contraire, Robert, I think I do!

Christie "White Album-less" [sigh]