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Re: Bo Diddley, Hoodoo, one's Mojo, and Blues Roots - No, Literally... <NZC but you should read it anyway>

He was adopted as a child. A diddley bow was a one string instrument
played originally on plantations and also the name of a singer he once

2008/8/3 Christie Reimer <reimcol@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>  Steve the Lemon and TimD:  Wow - this whole topic is fascinating!  Thanks!
> I see that I didn't know Diddley [yes, that's a pun] about much of this
> stuff.  Question, though, was there a known particular reason for [Otha]
> Ellas Bates to change his name to "Bo Diddley"?  Does it have a particular
> meaning that made him select the name?