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Re: burner purchase tips?

I would never gainsay a Plextor recommendation - they aren't the Cadillac of
burners for nothing - but if someone wants a tight little unit that supports
CloneCD and will last forever (Seeing as how I won't be around at the end of
forever I feel comfortable making that statement  ;o) ) and costs less than
100 bucks, the Teac 16x is well worth looking into (I believe the model # is
516EB or CDW516EB) the 12x is also a good deal if you can find one even
cheaper.  Solid burners that aren't as picky about media as you should be.
(And they do good DAE)


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> Plextor, all the way:
> http://www.us.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=10252769&loc=14577
> It's not a 16 or 24 that are out, but it's a killer unit.
> Jeff
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> Hey all,
> I need to take the plunge and get a burner.  I have plenty of silvers and
> is time to share the music, make some trades, and become more involved on
> trade trees.
> I hoping to spend no more than $150 on a burner.  Can I get a quality one
> for
> this amount?  Any recommends?
> Thanks,
> Brian the "burner-virgin"