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Re: Destroyer 77

"Jonathan Vahry" <jonathan_vahry@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hey, guys I need some help trying to put my finger onto what copy of the 
>Destroyer I have.
>O.K they are Two Discs in separate cases which I brought in a second hand 
>They are CONDOR, Toasted Records (PTY) LTD, Manufactured by finestkind 
>records and tapes (PTY) LTD, Sydney. Made in korea neutral zone.
>CD one is called 'detroyer' on the cover, and Jimmy is wearing a white 
>outfit playing his gibson. It has a starry purple background. The disc has 
>'the destoyer' written on it.
>CD two is called nobodys fault but mine and has Jimmy and Robert(with a 
>On the back cover of both cds it says Cleveland 1975?

You have 4/27/77, a soundboard recording. Unfortunately the version you have
is both less complete and inferior sounding to other versions. This version
was one of the earliest ones to come out on CD in the early 90s.

- -Jeff Lester