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Re: WIC rose colored glasses

In a message dated 10/22/01 6:16:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Because he dosen't have them ?! For someone that claimed to have 12 song 
in the
 bag, it's taking an awful long time for ANY of them to see the light of
 day >>

Does anybody have any links to interviews or statements where Jimmy said 
this? I'm not doubting it at all because I seem to remember it as well. I 
just want to read it again. Problem being that not too long before this 
statement, I used another email address to write a rather extensive review of 
a tape of new Page and Plant songs, twelve actually, that a friend had given 
me. It was of course a hoax and quite a bit of fun to write but I want to 
make sure for myself that it didn't add in any way to accepted Zep knowledge. 
The best thing that came out of that? Somebody wrote to the list that they 
loved the accoustic sound clip that I had posted to a website and that they 
could only hope that it would be released soon because it was so good. Talk 
about an ego booster. That was non-other than me recording a few seconds of 
nothing really just to have something to post.