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Re: Gallows Pole CD

"Zep Heads" <zosoland@xxxxxxxxxxx> added:

>JPJ opening for King Crimson...wow. Kinda makes sense tho, label-mates and 
>business partners and such, and I can't WAIT to hear the new JPJ, especially 
>with Fripp on it too! There's already been a good explanation of who Crimson 
>were/are, so I wont go there...thats also the band Bill Bruford joined when 
>he left Yes, remember....I will try to see this show, they are at the 
>Chicago Theatre here in Chicago, rather an exclusive venue. Is Adrian Belew 
>with them again??

Yes. The current Crimson lineup is Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Pat Mastelotto,
and Trey Gunn. When they reformed in '94, it was the Discipline era lineup
(Fripp, Belew, Bruford, and Levin) plus Mastelotto (drums/perc) and Gunn (WARR
touch guitar - like a stick). They called it the "double-trio" because there
were basically 2 of each instrument type. They did a couple albums (just
VROOM as a studio album) and then did a bunch of splinter "ProjeKCts" with
subsets of the 6 members. Now Bruford and Levin are off doing other things.
Trey Gunn played on a couple of tracks on Zooma,

- -Jeff Lester