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Gallows Pole CD

That CD with those 3 songs on it is of course 'outtakes' from the original 
MYV UnLedded..could never figure out why The Rain Song wasn't included on 
the original broadcast and CD, its great! Good to have, tho the version of 
WIAWSNB is kinda 'rough'....
Anyone been seeing these commercials with Aerosmith for Chevy or Dodge?? You 
wanna talk about 'sell-outs'..kinda makes me laugh, cuz there's a whole 
group of people out there whom the music would turn off, rather than 
interest in the product (like my dear old Dad).
But it gave me this idea- knowing that Joe Perry and Pagey are pals, and 
there has been talk of Zep music being used on a commercial (which song and 
what commercial??, I wonder if they got together for lunch and Perry told 
Page: "You oughta do it, Jimmy, its like FREE MONEY with no further time or 
effort required, just sign on the dotted line" and Jimmy would go "FREE 
MONEY? Hmmm...I LIKE that concept!" and so.....doesn't really bother me tho, 
much rather hear Zep than Madonna or Michael Jackson or U2 or whoever...
JPJ opening for King Crimson...wow. Kinda makes sense tho, label-mates and 
business partners and such, and I can't WAIT to hear the new JPJ, especially 
with Fripp on it too! There's already been a good explanation of who Crimson 
were/are, so I wont go there...thats also the band Bill Bruford joined when 
he left Yes, remember....I will try to see this show, they are at the 
Chicago Theatre here in Chicago, rather an exclusive venue. Is Adrian Belew 
with them again??
I still listen to Zooma too.Should I give WIC another try?? Like in the car 
also, where I can focus on it?? Loud?? Shining In The Light is my fav,the 
live version from 6/14/98 is KILLER, its a Pagey tune no doubt about it. The 
rest......hmmmmm...I do like Most High, tho. We shall see....
OH and thanks to Jeremy for reminding me about that circular saw I loaned 
out- I had forgotten about it, bought a new one, but- it also reminded me 
about that Toro snowblower that JPJ borrowed from me a lon time long time 
long time ago- he'll be here next month so, hopefully I'll get it back, just 
in time for winter!! Not gonna count on it tho, I learned my lesson about 
letting ex-Zep members borrow my power tools...you'd think Jimmy Page could 
afford his own stuff....

DEPORT BONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael O.