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Re: Info

I own both sets of silvers. Physical Express is actually the show 
from the 23rd, not 24th. It's an absolutely wonderful sounding show. 
Other sources for the 3rd night are slightly lacking in sound 
quality, as A&B:The 3rd night is. I would HIGHLY recommend PE.

Hammar Of The Gods is exactly the quality of the No Quarter title. It 
seems to be exactly the same.


On 11 Oct 2001, at 12:54, jonathan newman wrote:

> Hi again Could anyone give me any info on the following titles(sound
> quality etc)
> 1.Physical express 3cd by jelly roll(have to say iv never been much of
> a fan of the 24th earls court show is this any better?)
> 2.Hammer of the gods 4cd last stand disk(is this worth getting hold of
> in soem form if iv already got the old cobra issue of this show?)
> Sorry for the constant questions but iv been out of collectiving led
> zeppelin for a while and have missed out on info on alot of things.
> BTW thanks to the guy who emailed me the info on timeless rock last
> night