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Re: PG building

There are a lot of great bars in that area, so ... depending on your age, I 
either do or do not recommend checking them out while you're down there.

As a side note, I must admit that on more than one occasion, after a long 
night at the St. Marks Ale House, I've wandered a couple of blocks down the 
street to look at the building.

Oddly, most of those who I've dragged down there with me have been less than 
impressed at what I'm pointing out ... it must be them.

>From: AylaKat@xxxxxxx
>To: <zeppelin@xxxxxxxx>
>Subject: PG building
>Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 13:57:53 EDT
>thanks to everyone who sent me the addy!  I'll be enjoying the awesomeness 
>this weekend!