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Re: Led Zeppelin Enters TV Commercial Game

I'd probably be better off not admitting this in public but I do so love to
see my words in print...  ;o)

I once bought an Ironman watch ONLY because they used the Ironman riff in
the commercial.  My thinking then was "If they are cool enough and have the
balls enough to use a Black Sabbath song for their commercial, well by golly
I'll buy their watch."  I mean, I was gonna buy a watch anyway, but it was a
toss up among several others before I heard that commercial.

But I don't think that will work for a Cadillac.  Even if I could afford
one, I wouldn't buy one.

But I would eat at a Chinese restaurant that used "Wonton Song". <sic> (Can
I sic myself? The point is, yes, I know it's Wanton - but that doesn't fit
very well, now does it?)
I'd stay at a beachside hotel that used "Down By the Seaside".
I'd smoke the cigarettes that used "I Can't Quit You Baby" in their ad.
I'd retain the services of a financial advisor that used "Poor Tom" (Or
should I run away from that guy?).
I'd drive right through the toll booth lane that said "No Quarters".
I'd drink Misty Mountain Hops.
I'd buy the condoms that used "Moby Dick".  (I'd be lying to myself but the
cute check-out girl wouldn't know that, would she?  At least, not until it
was too late.  ;o)  )
I'd try a cup of that microwavable Boogie With Stew.  <sic again.>  <Oh
crap!  Stop me, I'm killing me!>  ;o)