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Re: record collector news

Woo-Hoo!  I hope it's true.  Even though whatever they release won't be
complete...it'll look and sound better than what we have; and there's always the
possibility of surprises.  Maybe this is why all these grail videos have ben
coming to light?

jonathan newman wrote:

> I was rifling thought the latest copy of record collector when low and
> behold I saw an artical on led zep on the news section. The main artical was
> about early 90's boxsets being re-realsed in hardback issues(like crossroads
> by eric clapton). However further down the artical It said atlanic had "big"
> plans for alot of new zep realses in 2002. These included a box set of all
> the groups US singles on cd and a box of re-relased vinlye albums. However
> at the very end it mentioned a DVD/video release with material possably from
> denmark, the royal albert hall, earls court and knebworth. sounds promising