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Tapes not Zep? Bollicks!

>>I believe if you didn't hear it with your own ears and verify it with your
>own eyes as a personal witness then you're a fool if you don't clarify
>>those recording labels and references you've got hanging around.

Hmmmm.. that's a pretty shaky statement on a lot grounds. There is such a
thing as circumstantial evidence. It can establish truth beyond a reasonable

Do you really believe that somebody can copy another musician and you would
not be able to tell? I would have to say no. Another musician may be able to
a good/perfect job for a substantial portion of a piece of music but there
is just no way to reproduce another players style completely. Every musician
plays in their own way, a musical fingerprint. It is unique to the player.
That 'fingerprint' coupled with the other evidence (set list, verification
that a show took place on the correct day, Plantations, etc.) make a pretty
strong circumstantial case. In fact, a strong enough case that it would
stand up in most any court in the world and would be enough to convince most
reasonable people as to the truthfulness of the claim.

I've never seen the moon in person. But from the circumstantial evidence I
have every reason to believe the Apollo moon landing did happen. All I have
is circumstantial evidence, but it is enough for me to believe that the
pictures I see are real not just some mock-up in a movie studio.

By similar reasoning I believe the tapes I have heard are really Led
Zeppelin despite not witnessing the shows in person. Labeling them "somebody
similar to Zeppelin" would be a falsehood, not claiming them to be genuine.