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Re: James Gang Influenced By the Godhead of Jimmy Page

Mike Tompkins: Is the 59 LP that Joe gave Jimmy the one that Jimmy plays in
the Paris Tous En Scene video?  I was watching the DVD yesterday and

Mark Klecka: Not taking your comments as a slam, but cannot agree that there
is any relation between Friends and All Night Long.  I can't play Friends
for shit but can play All Night Long passably!  That's certainly not
dispositive of the point, but where's the connection?

The Rover/Life's Been Good similarities: I see what you mean, but don't
think it's a lift.  I'm able to play both of these tunes and am going to A/B
them on my guitar as soon as I can.  Thanks for the inspiration!

And the link between Meadows and Woman From Tokyo is tenuous at best!
Aside: ever heard Bombay Calling by It's A Beautiful Day?  You probably know
it better as Child In Time.

Now, the Boston song More Than A Feeling does seem to incorporate a portion
of the James Gang's Tend My Garden.  Eric Fallas has heard that Pete
Townsend's Pure And Easy incorporates the same figure.

It's like you said, Mark: The key is how you incorporate your influences
with your own creativity to produce an original result.

If we admit that everyone is influenced by someone, it simply becomes a
matter of choosing the best influences!  In this case, Page.

I've heard the Walsh-led James Gang run through snippets of Think About It
and Over Under Sideways Down - sounded great.