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Re: James Gang Influenced By the Godhead of Jimmy Page

"Montgomery, David" wrote:

> Mike Tompkins: Is the 59 LP that Joe gave Jimmy the one that Jimmy plays in
> the Paris Tous En Scene video?  I was watching the DVD yesterday and
> wondered.

I have not seen that video, but as far as I know, Jimmy only has one 59 LP.

The other LPs he has or has had are:
1957 LP Black Beauty - this one was stolen in 73
1958 LP Standard - his #1 guitar
1973 LP Standard - goldtop that was refinished in dark red
1992 LP - custom made by Gibson
1996 LP - prototype of JP LP
Late 90s LP, Black Cherry Sunburst

Does anyone have or know of a web site that has pictures of JP's guitars?
This would be a great project for someone.