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Re:Subject: Theory of Musical Relativity, Zep, Hendrix, Beatles

Not really what you posted about but I agree with you about the US going 
cold on british music from the late 70's. I think its more due to the way 
the US and UK music scenes evolve. In the US for the most part (with a few 
exseptions like grunge) you get a slow change from one musical style to 
another, where as in the UK you get a very sudden shift from one style to 
another. I think this is mainly because most of the movemnts that come to 
the fore In the UK orginaly start on a smaller scale in the US (blues 
rock,pshyidelia,punk,dance,indie). I spose you always get that happening 
because rock is more a part of basic culture in the US so pople are less 
inclined to suddenly exsept a different type of music. I dont think you 
could have ever had people like led zep or pink floyd in the US making such 
a massive jump forward musicaly because of this.