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Re: DAT is for sure

DATs burn out in a short time.
Their tape mechanism is frail.

At 12:29 PM 11/26/01 +0000, you wrote:
>Well I can now recommend DAT as I just bought a Sony D8 DAT walkman for
400 dollars from a contact relating to me placing bids on ebay.  Best price
new for one of these is 550 dollars.  The sound quality is AMAZING, the
difference between DAT and minidisc is at least the difference between
>and minidisc.  Minidisc is not really close to DAT is what I'm trying to
say.  Not the clinical, sometimes characterless sound of minidisc, but
truly a fantastic, warm inviting sound beautifully reproduced.  I use
Core-Sound low sensitivity low-cost stealth binaural mics at 100 dollars
new.  I might
>be able to put you in touch with a guy who has more D8s for sale, they
were used for a professional field project which is finished.  D7s also
great machines I believe.  Regards Nigel.
>FSmith9095@xxxxxxx on 25/11/2001 13:05:17
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>Subject:  Re: zeppelin-digest V3 #1017
>Hello All
>Are there any audiophiles out there who could recommend the ideal device for
>taping a show , if one was so inclined ? I would think something small but
>has the ability to capture the presence of a room with the right mics. Any
>suggestions ? prices ?
>Time Machine show -Osaka 9/29/71.