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JP on John Lee Hooker tribute CD

No yelling!...this is long, but good.......

John Lee Hooker tribute CD: The recordings has already started under the
production of former Cream lyricist Pete Brown. The tentative title is
"The Greatest Blues man Of All Time-A Tribute To John Lee Hooker, Volume
1". There will be recordings made both in London and in the US. The first
sessions have been held in London where the following tracks have been
recorded; "In The Mood" featuring Jack Bruce (bass and lead vocals), Gary
Moore (guitars) and Gary Husband (drums); "Serve Me Right To Suffer" with
Gary Moore (lead vocals and guitars), Jack Bruce (bass) and Gary Husband
(drums); and "This Is Hip" with Mick Taylor (lead vocals and guitars),
Max Middleton (piano) and Godfrey McLain (drums.) In addition, the Peter
Green Splinter Group has contributed one of Peter's favorite John Lee
tracks "Crawlin' King Snake." Next up is a major session featuring Jeff
Beck recording two tracks. On the first track Jeff will be performing the
John Lee Hooker arrangement of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" backed by a
Gospel choir, then he will be doing "Hobo Blues" with Earl Green (lead
vocals), drummer Richard Bailey, keyboardist Dave "Munch" Moore and
bassist David Hadley. Also scheduled for coming sessions are
keyboardist/vocalist Gary Brooker (Procol Harum) and guitarist Andy
Fairweather-Low. London sessions after next week are still being
finalized and all appearances are subject to change but the list of
musicians who have been approached and have expressed a sincere interest
in participating include Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Jimmy Page (The
Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin), Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Bill Wyman's Rhythm
Kings, Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company) and a possible reunion of Chris
Dreja and Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds. On the U.S. side, recording has
been completed on "Jesse James", performed by LLC. LLC is comprised of
the celebrated Ten Years After rhythm section of Leo Lyons (bass) and Ric
Lee (drums) backing guitar wizard Vince Converse. Sessions scheduled for
the United States include George Thorogood, Little Feat, a representation
from The Grateful Dead and a very special track from Zakiya Hooker (John
Lee's daughter) and her band Bluz 4 U. Artists who have been approached
for future U.S. sessions include Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana, Jimmy
Vaughn, Sue Foley, Savoy Brown featuring Kim Simmonds, Billy Sheehan,
Scott Holt with John Kay (Steppenwolf) and BB King. There is also
scheduled to be a very special surprise track, but at this time nothing
has revealed about it.