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Dead Bird for Dinner...

1. A night with Britney Spears or a Led Zeppelin concert, huh? Well
boys, I gotta tell ya, there are women in this world that could make
Britney Spears look like something's ass. A man can hose most any lady
he wants, as long as he does and says the right things. But a chance to
see the greatest rock and roll band to ever grace a stage? Come on, get
your priorities straight. 

2. Ritchie finally makes a valid post! Damn nice job on the interview,
dude. Even though the digest people were probably wondering what the
hell was going on.

3. David Montgomery's posts of early articles have certainly been making
this list worth reading again. Hat's off to (David) Montgomery!

4. Video clip from Kezar '73? Hyeah right...when pigs fly outta my butt!

5. John Paul Jones and Robert Redford are the same person. Ya never see
'em together, do ya?

6. Where the freak is Theolyn?

7. Ok, Jeremy brought up Billy Squier's 'Lonely is the Night' as a
Zeppelin rip-off. Ok, I ain't hearin' it. Which song would he be rippin'

8. For consistent sonic clarity, I don't think you can beat the '72

9. Best rock and roll photographer: Neal Preston The work he's done is
phenomenal. Some of the Zeppelin pictures are pure art.

10. I haven't heard Jimmy and Limp Bizkit's rendition of 'Thank You',
and I don't really think I want to.