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Re: Project Ballentine

Chris, you'll probably get alot of this, but I have to echo these
sentiments. You've done a fantastic job all this time, which goes
without saying (although sometimes it shouldn't). It's a shame that
it's worked out this way, and my hope is that things work out how
you want them to. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.


Bluidmerl@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Just like to second that motion and thank one Mr. Barbero
> for all his time, money and energy put into Sessions, PB
> and the tree page. Chris, your love for the music is inspiring .
> It brings a tear to my eye...makes me all kinetic. <sniff, sniff>
> As far as the ceast and desist, the party(ies) in question can go
> F*%K themselves. What a complete joke.
> We can't have one decent site dedicated to the
> best live band there ever was? What's next TBL and EM? Bullsh$t...
> Watch you backs and your sites folks...
> Thanks as well to all those who contributed artwork and seeds
> for trees over the years. Thank you Chris for keeping us
> organized. Best of luck!
> RIP Sessions...
> Hats off to a hopeful complete resurrection.
> ~bluidmerl
> In a message dated 11/23/01 9:56:37 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> stevrben@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > After visiting the Project Ballentine website this morning,
> >  I thought it would be appropriate to say a big THANK YOU to
> >  Chris...on this holiday weekend.  I was very sorry to see
> >  the "cease & desist" statement.  I sure have appreciated
> >  this valuable resource in our Zep collecting
> >  community....that goes for "Sessions" as well