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Re: Project Ballentine

Just like to second that motion and thank one Mr. Barbero
for all his time, money and energy put into Sessions, PB
and the tree page. Chris, your love for the music is inspiring .
It brings a tear to my eye...makes me all kinetic. <sniff, sniff>
As far as the ceast and desist, the party(ies) in question can go
F*%K themselves. What a complete joke.
We can't have one decent site dedicated to the
best live band there ever was? What's next TBL and EM? Bullsh$t...
Watch you backs and your sites folks...

Thanks as well to all those who contributed artwork and seeds
for trees over the years. Thank you Chris for keeping us
organized. Best of luck!

RIP Sessions...
Hats off to a hopeful complete resurrection.



In a message dated 11/23/01 9:56:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
stevrben@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

> After visiting the Project Ballentine website this morning,
>  I thought it would be appropriate to say a big THANK YOU to
>  Chris...on this holiday weekend.  I was very sorry to see
>  the "cease & desist" statement.  I sure have appreciated
>  this valuable resource in our Zep collecting
>  community....that goes for "Sessions" as well