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RE: New Creed song

That's why I spend less and less time listening to these new bands.  No
originality or substance to their songs.  The classics will never die.  The
performers will eventually die, but the songs will live eternally.

Rock on!

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On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, Angie Kiker wrote:

> Yeah I hear it too. It sounds a little Kashmirish to
> me. I mentioned it to a friend and they thought I was
> nuts. Probably helps if they are a big Zep fan.
> Philistines!

Angie, don't feel bad, I got the same reaction when I said Green Dya's
"When I come Around"'s solo sounds like "Stairway......"

Stone Temple Pilot's "Interstate Love Song" has "For Your Life" all over

There is a Pearl Jam song that sounds like GTC but I don't remember what
it is.

Aldo Nova's "Fantasy" sounds like a cross between "Dazed" and "Jane" by
Jefferson Starship

Rollins Band did a song called "Four Sticks" that had a lot of music and
some words from a Zeppelin song, although my memory fails to remember what
song that is.