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Moby Dick

Hello All,

I just got back from Atlanta where i saw Blue Floyd Saturday night.  for 
those of you who aren't familiar with Blue Floyd, it is a cover band made up 
of Barry Oakley Jr. (son of the late Allman Brothers Bass player Barry 
Oakley), Jonny Nell(who used to play with the Allman Brothers), Marc 
Ford(former guitarist of the Black Crowes), and Matt Abts(the drummer of 
Gov't Mule).  just thought some of you guys would find this story 

my friend and i were talking for a second right as Matt Abts started his 
drum solo that night. i had just commented to him that i would pay good 
money to see Matt play Moby Dick(just kind of as a joke).  well the next 
thing i know, i look up and there goes Matt into Moby Dick.  well if that 
wasn't enough, right as i thought he was finished, Barry Oakley Jr.  walks 
out and starts playing the lead on Bass.  i was beside myself at this point 
because, not to step on anyone or discredit Zeppelin, but i dare say that 
Matt sounded better the Bonzo did(most of the time).

anyway, thought some of you might find that interesting.  hope everyone is 
well, and keep spreading the music.

What is and wht should never be...

peace, pat