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Re: acer cdrw and easy cdcreator

Software: As long as you download the shareware program EAC (from 
www.exactaudiocopy.de) and use it for extracting, then use EasyCDCreator to
burn your CDs from the extracted files on your hard drive, and you use quality 
blanks (Kodak, Mitsui, Fuji, HP), I don't think many traders
would complain about your setup.

Hardware: Can't comment on the Acer CD-RW, but it seems to me they're not the 
most respected manufacturer (in general, not just of burners) out

But I could be wrong.

DgKees@xxxxxxx wrote:

> hey all...someone has given me a used setup of this...will this do what we 
> want as far as burning etc??..thanks for yoour help in advance..dk