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quickie 7/17/77 review


I am a digester, so I don't know if anyone has written a review yet, so here
is a quick one.

I just received my video and its great and I am eternally grateful I am able
to view it.

First though if you are expecting the quality of the achilles last stand and
rock and roll clips that are floating around, you will be disappointed.  If
you don't mind it being 3-5 generations from that (similar to the nobodys
fault clip), then you will be in heaven like I am!  

The sound is perfect soundboard and it is all perfectly synched.
We all know the setlist:
the song remains the same 
sick again
nobody's fault
over the hills
since i've been loving you
no quarter (5-8 second glitch towards the end of the solos)
and its not listed on the box but a full ten years gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The video drops in quality during since i've been loving you and no quarter,
but its hard to tell if its just because of the orange spotlights they are
using. No quarter is great and you can actually see jonesy playing.  10
years gone seems to be from a different source since there is much color
bleeding.  During the dark parts, everything is still very very visable.
Its supposed to be 70 minutes, but according to my vcr it was approx 1 hour
25 minutes

Jimmy and Robert dominate the pictures, but there are quite a few bonzo
shots during sick again and of course john paul during no quarter.

I know, not much of a review, but it is real and the quality is VERY VERY
VERY watchable!  I just hope i don't spontaneous combust, since i've seen 2
grails in the last 2 months.

Sorry, I don't have a second vcr to make copies, but if someone wants to
tree it, I would be more than happy to supply it for the master.