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Re: Fw: sick of whiners

In a message dated 7/26/01 7:43:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
2gandrews@xxxxxxxx writes:

<< Now I've got a few people e-mailing me and telling me I'm a jerk 
 not trading or selling to them. I can't believe the attitude of some 
 these losers. >>

These losers are the people that keep trading going, and viable. It's 
that sell shit, and people that seek to justify it that bring 
attention from 
groups like the RIAA to us. Trading should always ALWAYS be just 
trading. If you buy a copy of something and don't want requests for a 
then keep your damn mouth shut. But the second you start offering any 
unathorized recording for sale, you break the law and jepordize the 
wellfare of everyone on the list. Now I know trading may not be 
legal but at least no one is profiting from it. Yes it is people that 
pay a  
lot for boots that get them to the masses, but these are also really 
people that make the investment then offer it up for a tree, not try 
to sell 
second or third generation copies of something.