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re: bootleggers suck

At 08:35 PM 7/26/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Bootleggers suck.

Bootleggers suck the rankest of goatasses.

Perry (listen to moe.! They allow taping! They have long songs with 
guitar solos!)

If that is so, why do most trade requests come in the form of, 
"looking for 
EV this or Tarantura that,"  and not, "I need the 9/23/71 tape"?

Then, there is Project Ballentine with all of its "sucky" bootleg 

I believe bootleggers have a huge part in keeping the live show 
alive.  They 
add a rebellious mystique to the otherwise boring, corporate, 
"release any 
old shit and they'll buy it" attitude of major recording companies.  
you rather have the last two Tarantura offerings or the last two by 
 Plus, any "official release" will be so doctored and edited (SRTS) 
that all 
of its purity and raw power will be lost. 
And, I would not worry too much about Zep or Atlantic getting their 
cut, they 
(in particular) are probably doing fine.  Don't fall for the 

Also, think about the production value that goes into cleaning up, 
restoring the audio.  We want Electric Magic and Empress Valley not 
just for 
the rarity and the great packaging, but mainly for the incredible 
editing, and producing that these guys do to provide the best 
sounding and 
most complete show. I do not believe you would ever get this from 
free trade 
networks without the original bootlegger.

All hail the bootlegger  (we owe our collections to them),
Brian DuPont