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just a quik chime in on the below pasted comment from jeremy; every 
time i've 
seen pete townsend in the last seven years, he blatantly states that 
the only 
reason hes there playing for us is cuz hes gettin paid well. 
acctually, he 
usualy says it in a much more arrogant tone. i stopped going to see 
you'd think that he'd owe the fans at least a half hearted show if 
playing and they're paying. once, he played great woods and hardly 
showed up; that got him pissed, so he really rocked out that night. 
a good show from that old sod. maybe a case of "i'll show all those 
who blew this show off...."
anyway, grace slick was always a miserably rude old hag, even when 
she was 
young; you outta hear some of her stage banter on the old tapes; real 
spiteful bitch, not at all the peaceful flower child of the san fran 
60's. no 
wonder she doesnt tour; no one cares about her. who gives a rats ass 
starship? maybe thats why no one complains that that old witch is not 
cuz she cant sing a decent song to save her life. "we built this 
pah-leeze... we were given four tickets to that band for free years 
ago; we 
lit each ticket on fire and used the burning ticket to light a joint 
(honestly; and it was years ago.....) i'm glad shes not around 
anymore. now 
if only shed convince townsend to go quietly away as well.
how does all this relate to zeppelin? if they are milking the fans 
for our 
hard earned cash, as they have done with two box sets, three greatest 
albums, endless re-issues, remixes and remasters of thier catalog, 
then i 
think it is quite honestly time to throw the dogs another meaty bone. 
did it with the bbc sessions cd release, they can most certainly do 
release like that. you know, keep the customers happy and all that; a 
rule of any buisness, even the music buisness.
just my 2 cents
by the way, Band A sux, Band B rules! 
In a message dated 7/26/01 4:23:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Jeremy 
<mixer@xxxxxxxx> writes:

 3. Led Zeppelin do not owe us anything, what they do with their 
lives and
 music is their business. Some of you are very greedy... I want MORE 
 MORE. There's a lot of time and effort into everything that we do 
 Hell they're still playing music, shouldn't we be thankful for THAT? 
 could be sitting back like Grace Slick saying "I think old people 
 dumb singing rock and roll" and no one complains about that....they
 respect it. These are musicians in their mid 50's, they could very 
 take an early retirement and have enough money if they've been smart 
 their finances....but they continue to perform for us, so be 
thankful for
 God's sake! >>