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Re: sick of whiners

Yeah, and what about all the people who have spent many hours and a 
of money to unearth new Zep material and have given it away to 
for free?  This guy simply bought a DVD.  It's bad enough that anyone 
had to pay for it in the first place, but the main point here is that 
it's not his product to sell.  He didn't create the material.  He has 
right to sell it.  And something tells me he's not going to stop when 
he's sold 5 copies...

You're right about the something for nothing attitude, but you're 
directing it at the wrong person.

Every dollar that gets spent in the world of "live and rare music" 
causes more stuff to get hoarded because it creates a market.  For 
instance, if people would quit buying high-priced bootlegs, we'd 
possibly all be enjoying he entire Kezar '73 soundboard rather than 
minutes this year, another 30 minutes next year, etc.  It also makes 
record companies and other authorities crack down harder, causes the 
bands to be anti-taping, and is a huge slap in the face to all of the 
great folks who have given us so many hours of music for free.

No one would be complaining about the quality if the bootleggers 
lied and said it was excellent.

Bootleggers suck.

- -Ryan

> Yes, it is a bargain.  What is this "something for nothing" 
> attitude?  
> The
> person who is making the tape available put his butt on the line 
> getting the
> DVD that we ALL wanted to have and either could not afford or were 
> afraid to
> send the payment.  Now that it is out and the risk is gone, you 
> want it 
> for
> free.  And if the quality is not pristine, hear come some more 
> complaints?