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sick of whiners

What a bargain. Jackass.

> Yours for $50 U.S. + $5 for shipping. This show is selling for $250 
> U.S. 
> on DVD so this is a bargain to say the least. 

Yes, it is a bargain.  What is this "something for nothing" attitude? 
person who is making the tape available put his butt on the line 
getting the 
DVD that we ALL wanted to have and either could not afford or were 
afraid to 
send the payment.  Now that it is out and the risk is gone, you want 
it for 
free.  And if the quality is not pristine, hear come some more 

This is a first generation copy from the DVD, it is worth something.  
him/her recoup their money and maybe make a profit.  Who knows, maybe 
seller will buy an Akashic or Empress Valley CD and you can call him 
other name for not giving THAT to you for free also.

Put up or shut up,

Brian DuPont