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Re: You've Got to Be Kidding (Shar's reply)

Dear Shar and fellow fairies,

I usually just ignore these threads nowadays, I got a bit tired of 
this in the
past years... been on this list for almost 4 years now. But this 
particular attack
against someone I like has brought me out of lurkdom.

I just spent some time recently with someone who's "been there" the 
same way as
you Shar. Who has seen it happen and knows what it was all about. I 
told him that
Zepp fans will forever be split between the hard cooked metal heads 
and the
fairies (among which I am glad to be counted). I keep hoping that 
those two can
cohabitate a bit better but that must be impossible.

Two things:

- - Of course Led Zeppelin is about rock music and about sex, etc... 
What's so bad
about this?

- - And no, it was never only this. No high poetry involved but 
there's more. Did
you ever notice how many rock singers sing about, frustration and 
anger, etc..
(and I happen to love some of these as well)?
Have you ever noticed how much passion, emotion and love comes 
accross in Robert's
singing, even nowadays? And no mister Zion or whatever, I'm not only 
refering to
his sex appeal. But I'm not really expecting you to understand that. 
Some of us
happen to appreciate this, like it or not.

I wish you would appologize to Shar but it won't happen and I might 
even get
flamed in my turn, but I don't really care.


Sunila, The Dragonlady