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Re: Fellow Travelers will find the Road

At 07:01 PM 7/24/01 +0200, dragonlady wrote:
from was
Re:You've Got to Be Kidding (Shar's reply)

>Dear Shar and fellow fairies,
>I usually just ignore these threads nowadays, I got a bit tired of 
>this in
>past years... been on this list for almost 4 years now. But this
particular attack
>against someone I like has brought me out of lurkdom.
>(snip for brevity, refer to Sunila's post for rest of text)
>Sunila, The Dragonlady

Dear Sunila and Fellow Travelers on the Road,
Thanks for pointing out the fact that there are radically different 
of Led Zeppelin fans who appreciate the music and the band members for
diverse reasons. It's sad when it becomes apparent that at least one 
member hasn't developed any self-respect over time, when that person 
have benefited themselves and others if he or she had taken the time 
overcome his or her unwarranted condescension over a difference of 
What? Say we forget about that unseemliness and get on to something 
pleasant, shall we?.

Some of us realize that as much as we may be delighted with this 
music and
most of the adventures associated with it that we are always going to
disagree with others over various issues. I'm glad you pointed out 
there are at least two distinct camps of Zep listeners. I happen to 
all of the aspects of the music, with my current leanings towards the
folkier side.
There was a time when I was impressed with the sheer audacity of the
earlier Zep, but the other aspects hold my attention with greater 

I think the important thing for all of us to remember is that no 
matter how
much we disagree, we are fortunate to be in a position where each of 
us has
the opportunity to express ourselves in a manner that best befits our
individual demeanor.

Zep's musical impact for me always casts multiple lights and shadows
figuratively in lots of different psychological directions because it
derives from that incredible palette of different compulsions and
inspirations Robert, Jimmy John Paula and Bonzo invariably brought to 
upon their need to create music. We are all aware that Zep's music 
has a
life of its own outside of those who brought it to life. It also has 
a life
of its own that transcends being relegated to any one homogenous 
group of
listeners. That's the beauty of the situation. 

One of the chiarscuro vignettes that comes to mind for me as and 
example of
an interesting psychological direction is the portion of the No 
video where the camera focuses on the eyes of the local people in 
We get to share in celebrating the patient, beautiful smiles beaming 
careworn work-burdened grandmothers' old, yet eternally young faces. 
We see
all ages of people, combined with the music in a way that hints that 
are numerous tales to be told around campfires, by candlelight and
elsewhere if we have a few moments to listen.
There's a brief scene where we see the face of this one grandmother. I
wonder if she's used to wearing a veil? 
Is she breaking a taboo by showing us her smile?
We don't immediately know. 
If she is then even she's succumbed to the suggestion that something 
is in the air upon the arrival of Led Zeppelin (he's a great guy) 
laughter here), oops I mean Jimmy and Robert. (More gentle laughter).
I think that's an incredible little story to insert into what could 
proved to be nothing more than an overstaged travelogue.
I think it takes a bit of steel and courage to celebrate life at 
other than the typical young lovers' tale of romance and woe by 
such images in a video like that. It goes beyond mere depiction of 
color" elements, because anyone at an editing machine can reshape a 
of clips into numerous displays operating from any numbers of 
with equal skill. They could have just as easily included lots of
bellydancer's explicitly shimmying to hooting crowds but they choose a
quieter side of life to excerpt.
They left the bellydancing element to the concert goers' collective
That's a much more sophisticated way to deal with the kind of element 
might be provocative but might also serve to detract from the main 
focus in
either a video or a series of live performances. Brit traveler in the
Oriental scrapbook recanting tales of adventure , right? It's fun to 
the chance that when you set foot outside your door you might end up 
wonderous or unexpected sights that inspire you to share your 
with those still at home in their armchairs.
If that's one of the ways that Robert may have approached what he's 
that's fine with me. And if it's not that's OK too.
Catch you a bit later, everyone I have some fun things to pursue with